It's now possible for the remote presenter to advance their own slides on the show machine. Take a look at the Slide Control Page for more information and the download link.

There are two parts to RemCue, the operator screen and speaker screen. When you click the op-screen demo button you will get the operator screen which will display a random event code. Under that code is a CONNECT button, click that to connect to the “Event”. The button will turn green and say “CONNECTED”.

When you click on the SPEAKER button you will get a separate browser tab opened with the speaker screen shown. Enter the same Event code you see on the operator screen and click “Connect to the Event”. If it is a valid event code, you will be to taken the speaker cue screen. I suggest, in order to get a real feel for the experience, the speaker go to https://remcue.com/speaker on a phone or separate device and enters the event code there. It should be obvious how the system works, but I would be interested in any feedback you might have.

One last note, if the speaker screen is run from a laptop and that browser window is active, you can use a regular USB clicker to drive the system. It will also respond to the keyboard – Forward (space bar, enter, page down, arrow right, arrow down), Backward (page up, arrow up, arrow left).

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