Presentation / Slide Control via Remote Presenter
(Currently Windows Only, Mac OS version coming soon)

The recommended set up for the show laptop is with an external monitor or graphics switcher, attached to it, otherwise you might experience a small lag in PowerPoint's response to clicks. It's an anomaly with PowerPoint and not RemCue.

To use the Presentation Control System:

  • Download the zip file to the show computer (the one that actually runs the presentation)
  • Extract the file and double click the app
  • You may get a Windows Protected Your PC warning when you launch it. If you do click the "More Info" link and then "Run Anyway".
  • Once launched, enter the EVENT CODE and click "Connect"
  • If a valid code is entered, you will get a message that it has connected to the event
  • The operator screen allows you to enable or disable the control as needed

The control app sends a Page Down or Page Up keypress to the active application when a presenter clicks, meaning the presentation software needs to be the active program. If you're in slide show mode, it will be active.

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