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It’s no secret the meeting world has changed, a lot. No longer are speaker, audience, and technicians in the same room or even the same state. One of the problems this causes is cueing slides, the only option is saying “Next Slide Please”. Well, with almost 40 years’ experience as a corporate meeting technician and programmer, I knew I had a solution. I developed "RemCue - The Remote Cueing System for Today's Meetings". With RemCue, the speaker simply taps his smart phone and the remote operator is signaled to advance the deck.

A few key features of RemCue;
Cross platform Browser Based - Nothing to install for general operation.
Audio alerts when speaker clicks - even on iOS devices. Can be turned on or off.
Remote speaker can click their slides via small app on show machine.
(Currently Windows only but MacOS Version in development.)
Presenter name on operator control screen for easy identification.
Speaker Timer shown on top of presenter "clicker". Count down and optional count up for overtime. Also, event clock display option.
Additional Speaker Timer Screen. Web browser screen for showing speaker timer. Used by show caller, or overlay for video broadcast.
Operator can enable / disable presenters "clicker" as needed. Multiple presenters can be active at same time.
Custom link for the presenter with the event code in it, all they do is enter their name and click connect. Presenters can still enter the event code and their name if sending link is not an option.

Enough of my talking about it, why not give it try. Click the DEMO button in the nav bar for instructions on how it works. Each trial last up to 15 minutes and when you’re done please let me know what you think in the contact link.

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